Printing is the easiest way to recopy any document, especially in papers that even in these times when everything is done through digital technology, printing has proven to be an accurate document source. More likely in business life, it had brought the overall standard look just by providing interesting fonts in its text or images. Customers are always a priority, that is why printing paper in a standard texture would always attract customers’ interest, leading them to curiosity, and the next would be something good.

Since printing is done through machine operations, common problems or mistakes may always arise at any time. Here are some common printer mistakes:

  • Issues in the software
  • Driver problems
  • Printer overuse 
  • Failures in hardware
  • Paper jams
  • Printing/ Scanning inaccessibility
  • Unresponsive printer
  • Bad quality of the print
  • Printing too slowly
  • Printing security may be uncertain

However, these printer mistakes were assessed by The Managed Print Services experts as the three high-cost mistakes in a printer that can be solved:

#1 Printer Mistake – Numerous Departments Manage Printers on Their Own

Usually, purchasing printers was managed separately from support and service in each department of an organization. In this way, when printer problems occur, departments call for an IT expert. It was a situation where printers were bought from different sellers, but then other companies were called for service. However, the Managed Print Services can provide a program to cut costs up to 30 percent in services, toner, and acquisition being managed by one vendor. Definitely saves a department’s IT team more focus on handling service in important initiatives and projects.

#2 Printer Mistake – Usage of Printing Is Not Monitored

Tracking individual usage in printing is an important part of the controlled plan in any business. Every cent count, and how much money is wasted or spent should be under one centralized tracking system. Many businesses were unable to track lost printing costs, so it needs to reduce wasteful printing through a more controlled printing plan. The MPS or Managed Print Services could provide tracking of the utilized printers and their usage.

#3 Printer Mistake – Printers Are Not Secured

Printers need to be secured from hackers and data breaches. In this digital time, research had shown that almost 60 percent of businesses were found through surveys to have suffered from data loss at least once from unsecured printers. That is why many businesses can rely on Managed Printer Services to protect their computers and servers from cyberattacks. 


The printer problems or mistakes that commonly occur could have a negative impact and affect every business’ security and inflated expenses. An efficient solution and more reliable is the best option. That is why Managed Printer Services (MPS) is the answer to addressing the confidentiality and security of printers. 

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It is therefore important to conduct an assessment of a printer to determine the right Managed Printer Service for your organization. Authentication controls and access to limits must be set up to avoid unauthorized office printers’ usage. Mishandling the printer could cause a delay in work or up-to-date submissions. 

Eliminating abandoned print will help decrease unnecessary printing expenses that is why it is important to put a Follow-Me-Print or Secure Release solution in your printer. Also, examine the options provided as possibilities to handle printer mistakes in your printer. You can understand more about the benefits and learn better about Managed Printer Services online.

Common printer mistakes are no longer a problem. Through Managed Printer Services, you can save time, improve productivity and information security, reduce expenditure, and save money. Certainly, these programs offered by providers to manage printing devices are not only worth the service but more worth the solution.