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Inkjet Vs. Ink: What Should You Choose?

Technology plays one of the essential roles in our society, right? Special and big thanks to them since they made each and everyone’s life more efficient. One of its benefits was the different options for printing. Most of the time, you tend to buy inkjet printers and usually decide what is better? Will the ink tank be better than an inkjet?

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You might as well consider reading this article, and it will give you the necessary information. But before identifying the best among the two, let us first define ink tank and inkjet.

Ink Tank

Ink tanks or ‘integrated bulk ink systems’ are refillable ink printers that don’t contain an inbuilt print head like ink cartridge printer models. Instead, they utilize an integrated bulk ink system that means that printer ink is supplied continuously to the printer’s built-in ink tank. Ink tank is an affordable printing option that prints quickly and combines small operations costs that are the same as a dual-function printer rather than an inkjet. By not relying on toner cartridges for print, ink tank printers use ink cans and refillable diaphragm pumps for printing purposes. 


Inkjet is a type of computer printing recreating a digital image by propelling droplets of ink into paper and plastic substances. It is indeed a peripheral computer that sprays ink on the article producing a paper copy. By having at least 300 pixels per inch resolution, an inkjet printer can generate documents. Most inkjet printers may make hard duplicates of full color at above 600 dpi. Most of its designs may include devices, even on a single box containing a scanner and photocopier. 

Now that you know what an ink tank and inkjet are, you also now know their differences. By that, you will be able to answer the question mentioned above. Is the ink tank better than an inkjet?


The only difference between ink tank and inkjet is that the ink tank uses a refillable tank system and ink bottles in handling printing instead of relying on the cartridge or referring from standalone cartridges. While inkjet is holding more volume ink rather than standalone cartridges, and maybe that’s the reason why they last even longer and the best thing is it’s cheaper for those persons of offices who print frequently. 

Inkjet and ink tanks have their different features and qualities, and by reading some of the related articles, it is said that the ink tank is better than the inkjet. Why? Given below are some points to consider. 

  • In terms of cost – Costs for printing from a rechargeable ink printer could be possibly low. Continuous and integrated demand for inks affects the reduction of printing costs, most especially if it’s high-colored prints and photographs.
  • In terms of its yield – Ink tanks could be higher than those traditional cartridges and may stir from 6000 to 7000 pages.
  • In terms of quality – Acquiring a standard feature and immerse bulk in the system must overcome the disadvantages of the production during a third party. Implying that the printer’s reservoir has been developed that leads to the best image quality. You may enjoy very reliable and efficient colored printing without acquiring a mess. Still, the thing is that it might cause a hard time for you since it is often connected with some semi-genuine refills. 

Inkjet printers may be easily installed and used and became very popular in time. Still, the continuous ink tank system of the computer delivers toners to a print head with the use of an airtight tube, causing it to not dry over time. Given its high ink capacity that provides a thousand drawings at a low cost per page, we can say that an ink tank is better than an inkjet.