Some people would think that copiers and printers are closely the same since the functions are both for copying and printing. That’s because the typical office should have a copier or a printer standing by to accommodate and manage the job primarily documentation and file processes. When you look at the copiers and printers at a first glance, they look quite similar but taking a much deeper look would reveal that the two machines are both devices with different capabilities and as well functions.

Take a look at how they become different in some functions:

Printers can take pictures or text from your computer or any networked device. Take for instance that you can make a print from a document that was created out of a computer’s word processing program, then print it into the paper. On the other hand, copiers can be best referred to as a device that can print documents, as well other functions like scanning, copying, of course, printing. Copiers are also known as all-in-one printers or multifunction devices.


  • The majority of the printers can print documents, more likely the black-in-white, unless the features can do the printing in color copies. On the other hand, multifunction printers are considered to be more flexible in terms of their features and functionality as well as the networking and management of documents. MFP printers can do color and monochrome printing, and are most equipped and capable of scanning and faxing.
  • Trying to look at the physical features, their sizes vary obviously. Some models are evolving to be more compact, making them more space-starved in the offices. The compact solutions make a solution for smaller space offices.


  • Copiers that are referred to as standalone can do the mass production or volume of documents at a time. This copier can make hundreds or even thousands of copies at an absolute speed that is quite impressive. Copiers are best to equip the printing job in the offices, as well as fax, and scan documents.
  • They are even more productive, especially the latest model of copiers. They can streamline the job of users in terms of workflows, keep better print job tracking, job queues monitoring, and the assurance for sensitive data transit and storage protection. Multifunction copiers are capable of replacing multiple devices. They are also space savers in offices because they can sit on a nearby computer having a slim form, so they are best dedicated to copy rooms.
  • Speed copying can operate at a low cost as time goes by. Modern copiers can operate with less energy, also can work with lesser consumables in ink and toner, also they require less maintenance, so their multifunction function saves almost the tough days of work routines.


As we can see, both the copier and the printer have an almost similar function which is to copy, scan, and print. There is so much to be considered in quire similarities, especially if one has no idea of their specification features. They are both trying to work the jobs in the offices, especially in the documentation and filing. But somehow, they have differences if you can only have a better and closer understanding of how they will serve the purpose, and which you will be more beneficial of its advantages. 

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Printers can play a big role in the creation of documents in the majority. They can perform best in a word system processing into the computer through the network device. On the other hand, copiers work in multifunction, an all-in-one job at a time. They are most equipped for the heavy duties of printing. 

So, the two devices are not similar in their features because they are only designed for their function. But what is important is that they both serve the same capabilities that are to copy and print.