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Copier Lease Cost: What Factors Affect The Cost?

If you have been reading posts related to printing and copying machines, you know quite a bit about the many types of copiers available today, such as multifunction machines, laserjets, and inkjets. There is one issue that probably still bothers you and could even keep you up at night. How much does it usually cost to lease a copier?

In business and life, many individuals are always thinking about money. If you have been thinking about your company`s copier leasing price, you have come to the right place. This article will provide all the data you need to decide whether or not to lease a copier for your business.

Factors Affecting Copier Lease Cost

A copier lease, like its price, is influenced by a wide range of factors, including the following:

Lease Term: Monthly payments and lease rates are higher for leases with shorter guarantee durations. Most equipment leases don’t even reach the 80-90% mark. Most leases have terms ranging from three to five years, with renewals and upgrades often occurring between the 36th and 48th months.

Lease Rate: The lease rate and payment change as the lease period progresses. Copier leasing is calculated by multiplying the lease rate by the equipment`s initial purchase price, including the service.

Lease Language: The lease`s language is crucial. The lease terms will determine which business cost category the copier will be assigned to and how the lease will be taxed. The most advantageous tax filing status is beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

Leasing Corporation: The lease rate will be impacted by the leasing company providing the lease financing and maintenance. Leasing rates vary from company to company and depend on various factors.

Copier Lease Cost: What Factors Affect The Cost?

An Average Copier Lease Cost

Leasing costs often range from 100 USD per month to 400 USD. A standard copier leasing and servicing cost 150 USD generally. The monthly lease payment for the brand-new copying machine comes to 120 USD, which is the result of multiplying the total cost of the copier and the lease rate. Aside from that, you may also pay an extra charge of 30 USD, which will cost you a 150 USD monthly payment.

Current State of the Copier Leasing Industry

If your company has been considering leasing a copier or other office machinery, now is likely an excellent moment to do so.

Since the new year, lessees have had a better selection of managed print services and office copiers. Today is the best time to lease a copier since most copier leasing companies offer attainable standards and low-interest rates.

Lessees have the upper hand right now, particularly informed lessees who arm themselves with knowledge before negotiating with a new or existing copier dealer. If you’re an informed lessee, you may ask pertinent questions that will boost the openness of your copier leasing experience and save you money.

Copier Maintenance And Service Fees

Copier repairs may be rather pricey. Damages and upkeep costs are on you if you own the copier. A service contract is an optional extra that may be purchased with a new copier; typically, it costs around 20% of the initial purchase price and is renewed annually. Depending on the seller, used photocopiers may or may not come with a warranty. Find out from your supplier what is covered under the service agreement.

On the other hand, when you lease a copier, servicing, and upkeep are often included in the monthly fee. Call the specified number whenever a problem arises to arrange a maintenance visit. Carefully inspect the lease for information on who is responsible for repairs and upkeep.

Final Thoughts

In summary, leasing a copier can be the best option if you don’t have enough money to spend upfront. Generally, a copier leasing cost may range from 150 to 400 USD per month, which is manageable for businesses of all sizes.

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