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If You Think Inkjets Are Better Than Copiers, Think Twice!

Do you think copiers are better than inkjets? For those who have been using inkjets for a long time, they would think there is no better equipment in the office than an inkjet printer. When you want something printed, you only need to click on that button and the inkjet printer will be printing it for you. The best part about having your printer is that it produces high-quality prints that you never thought you’d ever need another machine in the office to do the printing for you.

Then came the copiers. They used to be machines that are made specifically for the purpose of making copies of documents that you already have. However, through time, technicians and specialists behind the technology have created something more out of it. What used to be a machine that is specific to making copies has now become a multifunctional machine that no office should be left without.

If You Think Inkjets Are Better Than Copiers

Whether you are considering a copier lease in Fort Lauderdale or are looking at buying copiers from your trusted store, you know that you are in it for the treat when you buy the multi-functionality that comes with every copier. What does it mean when you have a multifunctional machine in your office? Here are five ways copiers are better than inkjets:

Copiers are multifunctional and one of the special functions that they have is that they can be used as a printer.

If you are looking at buying a copier, you want to know if it could produce the same kind of quality print like that of your ever-dependable inkjet printer. You’d be happy to know that it does.So if it could produce the same kind of good printouts, there is no need to keep both the printer and the copier. Go for the one that can do both copying and printing at the same time and one that is up for copier lease.

Copiers are scanners too.

Since there is a great call for businesses to go paperless, it is important that your office is able to provide customers and clients with the digital copies of the documents. However, if you choose to keep both hard and digital copies, then you need a good machine that could help keep them for you. That’s when a copier as a scanner proves to be truly worth it.

Did you know that copiers serve as fax machines too? Faxing a document meant speeding up the process of conducting business with clients. You no longer have to leave the office to provide them with the quote upon their request. You simply have to ask for their fax number and use your copier as fax machine option to send the document right away.

The copier machine also comes with other special features and you can get it under copier leasing. For one, there is a copier machine that can create booklets for you. You simply have to input the instructions in the machine and good booklets as options. The copier will then print in the document and then fold it in half and put a stapler in the middle. Your booklet will be done and ready for distribution before you know it. Copiers that do this do not only cut the time in half; it helps save on people hours too.

Making a switch to copiers from inkjet printers may be quite a difficult decision to make, but it is something that you’ll be happy that you did. After all, when it comes to your business, you want to make sure that you are only using the best that technology has to offer.

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