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When to Call For a Barcode Scanner and Maintenance?

Barcode scanners are not that easy to get destroyed. Except during instances wherein you physically broke it or didn’t get tested verily during the quality and assurance test. One more thing, it may not be broken but appears so because of a problem with setting up internal connections. 

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However, in case you encounter a defect, there will always be someone for you to call. 

What is a barcode scanner?

A barcode scanner is also called a point-of-sale (POS) scanner or a cost scanner. It is a gadget used to catch and peruse data contained in a standardized tag. 

The scanner works using a light source, a focal point, and a light sensor that interprets optical motivations into electrical ones. They contain decoder hardware dissecting the barcode tag information given by the sensor and sending that substance to a PC.

A standardized tag scanner coordinates a light emission across the scanner tag and estimates how much light is reflected. The dark bars on the scanner tag will light mirrorless light than the blank areas between them. This information is sent to a PC, and a price is recorded. 

Barcode scanner is used in business. It can help a business issue a receipt or verify time login or logout.

How many kinds of barcode scanners are there?

Well, there are many types of barcode scanners. As of today, the most common is the image and laser type. 

A picture scanner utilizes a little camcorder to catch a picture of the standardized tag. Afterward, it uses sophisticated computerized image handling methods to disentangle the scanner tag.

A laser scanner can either be handheld or fixed and shouldn’t be near the standardized identification to pursue it. The scanner utilizes an arrangement of mirrors and focal points. These mirrors can read the labels no matter their position. 

It can read up to 24 inches away from the standardized tag without much of a stretch. A laser scanner might perform up to 500 sweeps each second to lessen the chance of blunders. Full long-range scanners are equipped for pursuing a standardized identification up to 30 feet away.

Where does a barcode scanner get damaged?

As mentioned, cruel circumstances might cause sufficient harm or bend the barcode scanner. It would be like it on banner tags, except with much-applied force. 

Harm can go from minor scratches, stains, or even debris and jetsam, causing other pieces to be torn or altogether missing. If the work is only for physical enhancement, it’s only okay. However, when an important part is hit, such as the scanning interface, you might have to call your scanner maker. 

How to maintain your barcode scanner?

You can try some remedies before buying a new one when your current scanner doesn’t work. On the other hand, you can also use the following on your other barcode scanners. 

The first thing is to clean them. Because you use it in your workplace every day, it can make your scanner filthy and permit residue or soil to settle and gather in its fissure and holes. Cleaning your wired or remote standardized tag scanner should be an ordinary practice that is too careful to clean.

It should be a given that abusing your scanner will influence its life. Most scanners accompany a wristband for superior hold and keep away from drops. 

Wired or Wireless need to be utilized like you would use some other electronic gadget. Direct daylight and hotness are evident boosts that can influence the life expectancy of your scanner. Get your scanner from water and dusty places. 


If the mentioned tips don’t work, give us a call. We can provide you with barcode personnel immediately. Rest assured that he’ll be giving you more information to prevent this from happening next time. 

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