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Functions Of Digital Copiers That Slam Inkjet Printer

Printing and copying are among the most common tasks at the office, such that it is highly improbable for an office to go on with its operations without printing or copying documents. In line with this, offices need a reliable printing machine that could fulfill the needs of the office daily. Some offices still make use of inkjet printers over digital copiers. If you’re one of them, you might want to look into some really good reasons why many businesses have started to embrace digital copiers.

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Built for speed

One thing that an inkjet printer could not do is to print as fast as digital copiers. Inkjets go at a very slow pace of 6 pages per minute. The waiting time of employees, in this case, is multiplied several times over, eventually affecting the overall productivity of everyone in the office. With digital copiers, it could print or copy 50 pages per minute. This is for high-end copiers. Those that cost a bit lower can print up to 30 pages per minute. Still, both are a far cry from the 6 pages per minute of inkjet printers.

Producing quality prints 

In terms of quality, digital copiers certainly outrun inkjets. When you have a copier lease in Fort Lauderdale, you will see how precise the print quality is of the copier. It uses heat fusion and ink powder, which results in high-quality print or copy outputs. On the other hand, an inkjet printer makes use of the old spray and dry mechanism. Thus, in terms of precision, its digital copier counterpart has an edge. Also, blotting is eliminated in digital copiers, unlike inkjets where you may need to let the paper dry first especially if you’re printing a whole page picture. 

Lower cost per page 

There is a huge difference between the cost per page of inkjets and that of a digital copier. Printing using inkjets can cost approximately 20 cents per page. This is because of their small cartridge which would often require replacement. This cost will not be practical in the office setting which would need print outputs that could run in more than a thousand pages per day, depending on the size and requirements of the office. On the other hand, with a digital copier, the cost per page is greatly reduced to approximately 6 cents per page. 

Reliable machine 

In terms of reliability, the sturdy mechanisms of digital copiers are very much dependable. They were built to last businesses for a long time. Besides, they were constructed to print or copy thousands of pages per day without any letup. Hence, they are expected to work 24/7. Of course, like with any machine, it also undergoes wear and tear, wherein those machines that are overworked would also be prone to faster deterioration. Nonetheless, your digital copier would always meet your expectations in terms of performance. 

Multiple functionalities 

Of course, digital copiers can provide business with multiple functions, and not just printing. It can print, copy, scan and even send faxes. Although some inkjet printers carry the same functions, how inkjets execute these functionalities are very slow. This is why many businesses are starting to ditch their old inkjets and start purchasing or leasing a digital copier. 

With all the great reasons that are offered by digital copiers, it is not hard to see why inkjets are starting to become a thing of the past for businesses. The advantages offered by digital copiers are very apparent. Besides, the savings that businesses get from a digital copier is one thing that companies are truly happy about.