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Most Common Causes Of Copier Breakdowns

It is common to hear about the issues with a copier. However, a bit of expertise can go a long way towards making the copiers easy to use. Anyone who has worked in an office knows how hard copiers can be to use. But learning what the common difficulties are and how to fix them can go a very long way towards making your day at the office easier. 

Common Causes Of Copier Breakdowns

Lines on paper

Nothing is worse than when you need to make copies of important documents, but it prints out with deformities and lines. This can be caused by a lot of foreign substances on the glass or the mirrors within, or it can be because of a drum blade malfunction. 

Paper jams

This is probably the most common problem anyone encounters. There are as many potential reasons for a paper jam as you can think of possibilities, but it happens most frequently because of improperly sized paper and improper loading. By checking these two issues first, you can get the copier working properly again. 

A paper jam can cause a very surprising amount of office disruption as it creates both a standstill and a backlog. Paper jams tend to happen at the worst times and they are usually the results of a poorly set-up copier. The reasons for paper jams include using the wrong kind of paper and its thickness, loading the paper incorrectly, or allowing dust to build up inside the copier. If a user stacks too many pages in the supply try, it is almost certain to result in a paper jam. 

To return your copier to normal, you will need to manually remove the jammed paper and reload the paper size or correct the paper alignment. Be very careful not to pull out the jammed paper too fast, or you may leave tiny, torn pieces of paper stuck in your copier. If your copier is continually jamming, call a local copier specialist for repairs as they may need to come and clean your feed tires or check for built-up dust inside your copier. 

Wrinkled pages

The lines on the paper are different than wrinkled pages. The fastest way to losing a shot at promotion is to hand your boss important documents that are wrinkled and crumpled, when this happens it is likely because of the worn outfeed rollers or moisture within the fuser assemblies. 

Copies are not dark enough

Problems with the color of the copies are usually caused by density setting errors. If you notice a problem with the copies being either too dark or too light, you can check the settings on the copier. If they are correct, you need to check the toner. 

Spots on page

All the spots on the copied pages can be because of the smudges on the copy mirror. By cleaning it, you can prevent this issue from happening. 

Cartridge and toner problems

Most of the time, cartridge and toner problems happen because the copier has not been correctly set up. Issues can happen if you do not use the right toner cartridge for your specific printer model as most copiers require a particular type of toner. If you use an incompatible cartridge without knowing, your print quality will suffer. 

Low, malfunctioning, or empty toner issues can also wreak havoc with your copier. If your toner is empty or low, a simple replacement should solve any issue. If it does not, that means that there is a malfunctioning issue due to either manufacturer error or compatibility complications. 

In this scenario, talk to a trusted copy specialist about what kind of toner or cartridge you need, they will be able to help you determine which kind of toner is most compatible with your copier. 

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