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How Often Should You Replace Your Printer

We are in an era where most of our gadgets, including computers, laptops, and mobile phones are constantly being replaced to keep ourselves “in”. But let us disregard these mobile gadgets. Take a look at your office equipment, such as your printers. Are they working properly? Are we required to replace our printer machines as often as we change our IT gadgets?

If you will not replace printers for a long time, it can lead you to more costly expenses. That’s why it is essential to perform regular checks on your printer to make sure whether or not it is still in a good condition. Even though the world is full of innovations, printers are one of the most crucial tools in the office that have something to do with the overall office productivity.

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In this post, we are going to help you determine how often you should replace your printer.

Replacing the Consumables

Printers have two consumable types that you need to keep an eye on frequently, which are toner and ink. It is important to monitor the printer’s ink and toner to determine whether it needs to be replaced or not. A low running toner and insufficient toner could decrease productivity.

If you want to replace these consumables with yourself, refer to the instruction manual included in the package. The manual will guide you on the steps on how to replace the toner and ink properly. But take note that replacing the toner requires more care. Even though toner is safe and non-toxic, there is still a chance to cause lung problems, sinuses, eye irritation, when it is dispersed.

When to Replace Your Whole Printer Setup

We believe in the saying that everything has an ending; no excuses, whether it’s feelings or objects. The time will come that your printer will leave you. They will start to show defects entailing that their service is over.

A printer that needs replacement shows different signs of defects including the following;

  • Before, your printer printed several pages, but now, this number starts to decrease day by day. This shows that the printer has an internal that needs to be fixed immediately to prevent costly repairs.
  • Second, there are times that the machine stops working without any reason. In some printer models, this problem could be fixed by reducing the paper load, which might also decrease the office’s productivity.

Keep in mind that this kind of machine is intended to work electronically, which some people believe to last for a lifetime. But take note that some of its parts are not resistant to frequent wear and tear. For instance, the computer you used to play games before will not be the same computer you will use in the future. This is also true with the printers.

So, if you notice the defects mentioned above, it’s time to save some money to purchase a new machine or avail of copier leasing services in Fort Lauderdale. If you are on a budget and are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you may consider copier leasing in Fort Lauderdale. The copier services in the said area provide you with low-cost upfront.

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