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Monthly Copier Service Contracts Save You Money

Buying or leasing a new copier or multifunction machine for your office is exciting. These office machines can boost your team’s productivity and encourage them from day-to-day work. Hereafter in the sales procedures, your trader will speak to you about a service contract. Before signing, it is necessary to know the manufacturer’s warranty. Likewise, understanding what a service contract is is necessary for copier leasing or purchasing. 

What exactly is a Service Contract 

A service contract is provided by the dealer to guard you with the producer’s basic warranty. Typically, a service contract is the same as obtaining a maintenance unit on your car. For a fixed monthly charge, the service provider will present a service, maintenance, or any repair your equipment demands. A service contract will include anything that is directly associated with the equipment. The shortest contract has quality concerns, repairs, parts, and labour, and grants priority service. Likewise, a variety of contracts today add toner and preventive maintenance. 

If you are uncertain if a service contract is appropriate for your machines, think of how a breakdown would affect your business. Here at copier leasing in Fort Lauderdale, we offer the most trusted copier leasing services with copier service contracts of your chosen plan. With service contracts provided by the copier leasing in Fort Lauderdale to new and pre-owned copiers, it will definitely ensure the great performance of your machines throughout their leased term. Most surprisingly, they’ve made the most affordable offers that support high-quality office equipment. Surely, this will serve you with your decision planning! If you have any queries, feel free to reach one of our copier lease services provider team members. 

Why You Should Invest in a Service Contract

When leasing office machines, you are provided with a service contract, and the price is usually covered in your lease agreement. There are lots of advantages a service contract gives that make it a good investment. For instance: 

Monthly Copier Service Contracts Save You Money


A service contract limits sudden repair expenses and grants you funds predictability. If something goes beyond, just contact your dealer and a service specialist will arrive and repair the machine, at no extra cost. Service requests can take as much as $150 per hour if you are not satisfied, not including parts. Without a service contract, a single sudden breakdown of machines could lose you hundreds of dollars to fix. 

Less Downtime 

In times of malfunction, your productivity might as well break down. With a service contract, you are assured faster service among clients who do not have a contract. Also, most contracts provide daily preventive maintenance that usually fixes problems before they turn critical. Some allow the application of a loaner machine to work in the interim while your device is being fixed. Yet, this is not the usual practice. Just make sure to verify with your provider if this is covered in your contract. 

Consumables Are Often Included

Nothing is more serious than running out of toner while your company is on a tight schedule. With a service contract, you can enter “just in time” requests. Your device can be observed distantly and you will be advised when stocks are going under. Some service contracts will also send the needed parts right away to your office so they will be ready the next day. 

As a matter of fact, what a service contract gives you is peace of mind. Your machine will be stored appropriately and further limit any surprise upkeep. It can likewise help reduce or eradicate downtime. This is so essential if your regular business is strongly reliant on your machines. 

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